computational media – week 1

Final result of the “first creature” drawing

This is my first assignment drawing using p5.js web editor. I started the design of a creature that in the future can become an animation, a performance, or both. She has no name yet and probably she doesn’t speak our language.

about the process….

First of all, it took much more time than I thought to create it using code and I found some challenges in my way. Most of them I could solve using the p5.js online library instructions. For others, I feel the need to go back some steps and learn math again, especially to remember how to deal with graphics, angles, line slopes, triangles, curves, and find specific points in the canvas.

Screenshot of the process

I couldn’t understand really well how to position arcs for instance, so I had to change a bit my initial idea for the head of the creature and leave it without hair (or eyelashes). I also tried to save the image as a .jpg file, but I could save it just a completely black or white image, so I took a screenshot to be able to upload it to this blog.

The web editor is great, I can access it from anywhere. I just had one issue with it: after turning on the automatic saving, I stopped saving the project because I thought it wasn’t necessary anymore, however, for any reason I lost my wi-fi signal for a while and once I came back to the editor, I had to refresh the page and it made me lose part of the work. Therefore, I started to save it manually all the time.

Sketches during the process of creation of the creature

Overall, I discovered I enjoy doing it, but it’s hard for me, so I need a lot of time to dedicate myself to it and do it calmly to understand every path of the process of creation. I find it very pleasant to transform math into an image, although it’s difficult and uncomfortable. I also found out that I’m more interested in 3D forms and how to create forms that would be impossible to design in the real world, but I know it will take some time for me to be able to get there.

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