fabrication – week 1

eye rainbow box flashlight

For this assignment, I was tasked to create a flashlight defined as portable, battery-powered, and creates light. My first thought was that I wanted to work with things that I already had in hands and create something that could be used as a wearable. So, the only thing I had to buy for this assignment was a 9V battery.

first sketch


  • 9V battery;
  • Arduino Nano (I had to use an Arduino because the light that I had was an addressable LED, which only works connected to a microcontroller – the good thing about it is that you can change the LED effect whenever you feel like – just need to modify the code).
  • Flora RGB Smart NeoPixel programmed with a rainbow effect;
  • 3D printed box (Base model downloaded from Thingverse, designed by anewsome, and customized by myself using the Tinkercad software);
  • Satin keychain;
  • Wires;
  • Reflective fabric to customize the eyes;
  • Small breadboard;
  • Velcro strip.
3D model


  • 3D printer Ultimaker 2+;
  • Drill (to create a tiny hole in the box to pass wires through);
  • Solder;
  • Scissor;
  • Wirecutter;
  • Hot glue gun.


  • Do not try to use hot glue with wires;
  • It’s always better to have more work building a switch instead of dealing with wires every time you want to turn on your device;
  • Be delicate when working with 3d printed small objects. Always be delicate in dealing with small materials.

My final object turned out to be a potential necklace or a luminary that can be hanged anywhere.

Final result

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