fabrication – week 2

pyramid puzzle

This week I was tasked to make multiples of a multi-process piece. I wanted to start making puzzles, so after researching for wood puzzles models online, I found one which would be makeable in one week considering my fabrication knowledge level. Then, I found this great instructable guiding the fabrication process, so I basically followed it step-by-step and created five versions of it.

I bought everything I needed at the Home Depot hardware store in Bed-Stuy (a piece of Pinewood, a piece of dowel, and paracord). And I could experience using for the first time all of the machines of the shop introduced during the last class: the milter saw, the drill press, the sander, and the band saw.

The most challenging part was drilling 15 dowels because they are made of bad quality wood and are kind of small for the size of the hole that I needed. After some trials, I found a way of making them stable enough and learned that drilling slowly is better for delicate materials. Then I sanded them to correct some damages to the wood made during this process.

Find below the final result. To solve the puzzle you need to find a way of taking the ring out of the object.

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