Pcomp Final Project

The fire bird light and sound glove

Glove’s palm diagram
Back of the hand diagram and details for the finger’s buttons

storytelling bases for coreography

Movement 1: The fire bird flies to the city.

Movement 2: The fire bird finds a place to die and dies.

Movement 3: The invisible seed that was inside of the belly of the fire bird geminates.

Movement 4: Zoom in the seed and enter it. What is the seed made of?

Movement 5: The seed turns into a tree. How does this tree look like?



  • Arduino Nano 33 IOT;
  • Portable Battery Pack;
  • Battery for Arduino (Lithium?!);
  • Micro USB – USB Cable;
  • Portable speakers with Bluetooth connection;
  • Gloves;
    • Conductive Fabric;
    • Conductive Thread;
    • Reflective Fabric;
  • Silicon wires;
  • Computer with p5.js;

Next Steps

  • Finish Code;
    • Create each LED effect;
      • Initial;
      • Fire;
      • Bird;
      • Tree;
    • Create sound effects in P5js to produce the sounds connected to accelerometer and gyroscope and in different versions for each LED effect;
  • Build the gloves;
    • Draw the gloves in the fabric;
    • Sew Neopixels to the glove;
    • Build an enclosure to wear the arduino nano on my hand;
  • Work on portable version;
    • Create bluetooth connection;
    • Find the best battery to power it;

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