fabrication – week 6

The fire flower eye motor

For the mounting motor’s assignment, I created a simple sculpture inspired by the character I’ve been developing this semester: The Fire Bird. The initial idea was to work with handshapes that spin creating a fire illusional effect. But it turns out that the DC motor that I used stops very easily when in contact with extra weight, so I simplified the idea and used an acrylic eye that I had instead. It still creates a fire-flower effect when spins, which turned out as an interesting aesthetic experiment for me.

Initial Idea

The hardest part was positioning the hole of the enclosure in a way that it forms a perfect angle with the motor, and does not stop because of the friction and spins without shaking the box.

Movement test


  • Zip ties;
  • 3mm Shaft / Axle;
  • Black ABS Project box;
  • Euro terminal Strip pin;
  • 9V Battery;
  • Hobby DC motor;
  • Switch;
  • Wires.

Final Result

Final Result

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