The Fire Bird

Body experimentation wearing the interactive gloves. Video by Tundi Szász.

The Fire Bird is a first experiment on building characters exploring interactive wearable technologies. This is a work in progress. I’m imagening here a performing arts environment where the performer will be able to control different elements of the space making different gestures.

To compose the Fire Bird so far, I’ve created gloves that generate different light, sound and animation effects according to the hand gestures and movements of the performer that embodies the Fire Bird to tell their story. Basically, while wearing the gloves, the performer can change the direction of a 3D object on the screen and the frequency and the amplitude of its sound. When he/she make gestures related to the narrative of the Fire Bird (Fire, Bird or Tree), different buttons made with conductive fabric sewed to the gloves are activated changing the color of the LED’s of the gloves and the color and size of the seed (3D object) on the screen. The seed is inside the belly of the Fire Bird, so when someone wear the gloves, he/she is embodying the carachter and flying or dreaming carrying the seed.

The LED effects of the glove change according to gestures

Process of Creation

The work was made during Fall 2019 at ITP, manly in three classes. For more details, click on each part of the following description. In Intro to Fabrication, I fabricated the gloves and the acrylic mask of the Fire Bird. For my Introduction to Computational Media final, I created the p5.js code with the 3D object and the frequency modulation sound system coordinated to the movements of the hands. This is made possible after a serial communication with the Inertial Motion Unit built-in the Arduino IOT of the gloves, which code and circuit were developed during the Introduction to Physical Computing classes.

If you would like to know more about the project, please contact me:

The story of the Fire Bird

The story of the Fire Bird is based on three cells of movements. The idea is to develop it further coreographycally, text-based, and possibly in the format of a game.

Movement 1

The Fire Bird flies away from home because their house was put on fire by someone who couldn’t understand the way the Fire Bird was living.

Movement 2

The Fire Bird flies to the city, alone, and finds a place to sleep.

Movement 3

The Fire Bird dreams for so long, that the invisible seed that was inside of their belly grows and turns into a tree.

Questions to keep moving

What’s the seed that is inside of the belly of the Fire Bird made of?

How does the tree that grows from the belly of the Fire Bird look like?

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