ICM Final

The first sound of the Fire Bird’s Eye

For my final assignment for Introduction to Computational Media, I’ve added a sound layer to my gloves designed for my Introduction to Physical Computing Classes. The gloves are being thought for a performing arts environment, where I’m going to embody this character called Fire Bird to tell a story. They have 2 switches that are activated when touching the index fingers or the thumbs of both hands, producing different LED effects that change according to different combinations of the switches.

Design of the Gloves made with reflective fabric

For the ICM part of it, I’m connecting my Arduino using p5.serialcontrol to create the serial communication with p5.js online editor. The built-in IMU (Inertial Movement Unit composed by an accelerometer and a gyroscope sensor) of the Arduino IOT 33 is collecting three different movement data from the gloves: roll, pitch and heading (see image below to visualize the difference between them), which are the spinning movements that a 3D body can make on the space. And sending them to my p5 sketch with a range of 0 to 360.

Data collected by the accelerometer/gyroscope of the Arduino. Yaw can also be called Heading.

This range is being mapped to change the frequency and the amplitude of the carrier wave in a Frequency Modulation system in its simplest form and generate different sounds in real-time. It’s also moving a 3D object that I designed in p5.js. Initially, it was supposed to look like an eye, but now I feel that it became a spaceship.

For the sound, we basically have two oscillators. One is the carrier, and the other is the modulator. The carrier has a Base Frequency that is modified by the modulator, which operates in a range of amplitude and frequency chosen by me.

Find my code here. To create it, I basically adapted and combined two codes. The first one, used to create serial communication with the Arduino IMU was created by Tom Igoe and can be found here. The second is a sound frequency modulation example found in the p5js examples library. I really feel like studying deeper Frequency Modulation and also understanding better how Matrixes work in coding.

Still of my sketch/animation

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