Nature of Code – Random Walks

random river-drawing program

As the first assignment for the Nature of Code class, I explored Random Walks. Ideally, I wanted to create a 3D Random Walk visualization similar to this one. However, I couldn’t find the problem with my code, even working together with my fellows from the Coding Lab. I really intend to focus on creating 3D graphics in this class, although I feel I still need to continue learning the basics of coding. Thus, I’m figuring out the best strategies to mix both intentions.

Having failed in the 3D attempt, I went back to my first experiments with 2D random walks and tried to develop it further to find ways of creating a drawing program with interesting aesthetics results. I first understood that creating random walks that start on the top of the canvas and finish on the bottom could create a visual effect that reminds me of the movement of the water touching the sand at the beach. I also realized a way of writing the code drawing lines instead of points, to create a more continuous effect. The results are pretty abstract – which interests me. My first version of this sketch can be found here.

Later, I started playing with colors using the same variables as I had used to draw the line of the random walk. This made me realize that I wanted to have more control over the color and the shape of the line while it was being drawn.

To do so, I decided to work with 4 different sliders, so I can change the Hue and the Brightness of the lines while they are being drawn, as well as how much I want the line variate in the X and Y axes. This final code can be found here. And some results can be seen below. I tried to meditate about contemporary ecology issues as a conceptual background while playing with the drawing program. Two main events came into my mind: recent oil spill in the northeast of the Brazilian coast and the fires in the Amazon Rainforest.

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