Electronic Rituals, Oracles_Meditation #1

Tempo Temple

For this meditation, I am activating a perspective where I see dancing and drawing as a way of thinking and as a way of producing and embodying knowledge.

One of the results points to the possibility of drawing masks

Tempo temple is the first prototype for a video-performance where I try to draw a temple inside a temple which is inside another temple which is inside another temple and so on…

Tempo meaning: the rate or speed of motion or activity; pace.



the colonizer neoliberal capitalistic project is enchanting our times in order to build a giant world-wide magic circle where there is the illusion of space for just one temple,

Is it possible to play a game inside that circle that builds a temple inside a

a temple, a white temple, an invisible temple, the white snake temple, a dancing and drawing temple that

creates a temporary space where an encounter makes our perception of time enough modified, so that we can see it from outside?

is it possible to do it alone? am I alone when doing it?

when drawing a line with a random dance inside a machine learning temple, which forces are part of the code? What am I embodying? What am I touching in considering all its layers of creation and intention?

and which forces would never be into this temple? If the temple were empty, what would be inside of it?

Random dance resulting in a tree

The video was created interacting with a webcam connected to p5.js using PoseNet. It was based in an example by Daniel Shiffman called “PoseNet example using p5.js to draw with your nose”. I basically changed the nose for both wrists and draw lines instead of circles. Find the code here.

For the future of the project, I’d like to try to draw a line that disappears after some time; think about a better setting, specially for the background; and find a way of creating it in high resolution.

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