Live web_Final project proposal


Create a web-based live performance in which the user of a website can watch the performer and move them through simple commands. The initial idea is to light up LEDs located on the hand of the performer suggesting how they will move through space and what they will touch.

Background/past experiments

I’m interested in thinking about how repetitive interactions with new digital technology behave as a tool for it to start inhabiting our subconscious. As one of the embodied results of this process, there is the subtle, penetrating, and gradual take over of the everyday choreographies of our hand gestures. Thus, I’m imagining an experience that creates an intimate microcosmos about this idea giving the control of another human’s hand to the user.

Sketch/first explorations
first sketches
hand movement exploration
  • How to let the performer move freely through a big space, considering the need of having an Arduino on the body of the performer connected to a computer connected to a WIFI?
  • Is it necessary to create a narrative or just lighting up the LEDs on the hand of the performer and moving them through space enough?

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