fabrication – week 6

The fire flower eye motor For the mounting motor’s assignment, I created a simple sculpture inspired by the character I’ve been developing this semester: The Fire Bird. The initial idea was to work with handshapes that spin creating a fire illusional effect. But it turns out that the DC motor that I used stops veryContinue reading “fabrication – week 6”

fabrication – week 5

two materials assignment This week we were tasked to work with two different materials. I’ve been venturing myself in the wearable world, so I took the opportunity to learn how to use the sewing machine and understand how to connect wires with conductive thread or fabrics. The goal was to create gloves with LEDs thatContinue reading “fabrication – week 5”

fabrication – week 4

Wearable acrylic enclosure This week we were tasked to create an enclosure. I made a simple experiment for a wearable using acrylic cut in the laser cutter and standoffs. The idea is to wear the Arduino Nano 33 IOT, which has a built-in accelerometer and gyroscope, to collect movement data from my hands, which areContinue reading “fabrication – week 4”

fabrication – week 3

Laser Cutter hand-eye mask This week we were tasked to work with the laser cutter. I’m always thinking about the performing arts context, so I designed a mask for the character I’ve been developing this semester: the Fire Bird. I bought two pieces of acrylic at Canal Plastic orange and teal transparent. The most challengingContinue reading “fabrication – week 3”

fabrication – week 2

pyramid puzzle This week I was tasked to make multiples of a multi-process piece. I wanted to start making puzzles, so after researching for wood puzzles models online, I found one which would be makeable in one week considering my fabrication knowledge level. Then, I found this great instructable guiding the fabrication process, so IContinue reading “fabrication – week 2”