the collective web tentacular body

This work-in-progress of a relational nomadic sound sculpture which I’m calling now the tentacular collective web body. As a way of structuring the conceptual scope of this piece in a text, I’m designing a zine. I imagine that this text will work as a basis to create a learning environment surrounding the artwork, such asContinue reading “the collective web tentacular body”

Soft Robotics – Cable Experiments, Morph, Materials research

Cable Experiments References Here is a list of interesting references that I found during my research this week with examples of projects in the field of soft robotics. Science Robots Magazine: A vision for future bioinspired and biohybrid robots; Soft opportunities in a Toy Store For my soft materials research, I went to FAO SchwarzContinue reading “Soft Robotics – Cable Experiments, Morph, Materials research”