The web Firebird

The web Firebird is a live performance experiment on coding, choreography, and augmented reality designed to be shared through the cyberspace. Find its code here. This project was created during Spring 2020 at ITP NYU as part of the classes Nature of Code (Daniel Shiffman), Choreographic Interventions (Mimi Yin), and Experiments in Augmented Reality (IreneContinue reading “The web Firebird”

Nature of Code – Neural Networks

hypothetical machine learning system against deforestation As an exercise of designing a fictional machine learning system, I’d like to address the problem of deforestation in protected areas worldwide. My idea is to create an AI system connected to real-time satellite images that can monitor the areas and whenever one of them is under attack, anContinue reading “Nature of Code – Neural Networks”

Nature of Code – Simulation Project

The Web Fire Bird The Story of the Fire Bird The Fire Bird is a mythology that I started creating during my first semester at ITP, firstly, as a a physical computing project. Now I’m creating a net-art version of the narrative. The story of the Fire Bird is divided in three base movements: 1Continue reading “Nature of Code – Simulation Project”

Nature of Code – Particles Systems

The web Fire Bird For this assignment, I’ve started creating a web version for the Fire Bird mythology, that I’ve been working on since last semester. I want to find an interesting and compelling way of telling the story in the web-browser using text, visual effects, and simple interactivity. I’m creating this as an experimentalContinue reading “Nature of Code – Particles Systems”

Nature of Code – Random Walks

random river-drawing program As the first assignment for the Nature of Code class, I explored Random Walks. Ideally, I wanted to create a 3D Random Walk visualization similar to this one. However, I couldn’t find the problem with my code, even working together with my fellows from the Coding Lab. I really intend to focusContinue reading “Nature of Code – Random Walks”