body and bust 3D-scan

Full body and Bust 3D scan with itSeez3D app on an ipad and a structure sensor on an Ipad Results after resizing the full body object with blender and cleaning it up with Wrap3 Some animations experiments after uploading the character to Mixamo first explorations with 3D modeling/sculpting on Blender on the top of myContinue reading “body and bust 3D-scan”

animation blueprints for performative avatars

For this week’s assignment, I improved my last week’s avatar’s animation following Matt’s tutorials about Blendspace 1D, Animation Blueprints and State Machines in Unreal Engine 4. After completing it, the character that I downloaded from Mixamo has specific ways of idling standing up, walking, running, jumping and falling. It’s interesting to observe how each detailContinue reading “animation blueprints for performative avatars”

Performative avatars – skeleton animations

This week I learned from Matt’s tutorials how to download characters and animations from Mixamo to use it in Unreal Engine. So far I haven’t had any considerable technical challenges to complete the assignment. However, when trying to discover how to add an animation to the walking style of the character by myself, I wasn’tContinue reading “Performative avatars – skeleton animations”