the collective sonic web heart prototype

This semester me and Name have the goal of creating a web-based remote experience to be shown as an installation activated from at least two different locations simultaneosly. We have been working on the top of a WebRTC by Lisa Jamhoury to develop a sketch in p5js that allows remote users to communicate through bodyContinue reading “the collective sonic web heart prototype”

the collective heart permeable body

Find the code here. This week me and Name worked on the top of Lisa’s example for the class The Body Everywhere and here to create a Web-RTC sketch on P5.js with Posenet and Ml5. The example is a continuation of our last week’s assignment. The code allows for two users in different locations toContinue reading “the collective heart permeable body”

The collective heart mouse interaction

Try the sketch here and access the code here. For this sketch, I worked together with Name on the top of Lisa’s Web RTC example. We were tasked to create a two-player sketch using the mouse over webRTC peer connection that encourages the users to be co-present in some way. How does the collective heartContinue reading “The collective heart mouse interaction”