body and bust 3D-scan

Full body and Bust 3D scan with itSeez3D app on an ipad and a structure sensor on an Ipad Results after resizing the full body object with blender and cleaning it up with Wrap3 Some animations experiments after uploading the character to Mixamo first explorations with 3D modeling/sculpting on Blender on the top of myContinue reading “body and bust 3D-scan”

the live web collective sonic heart

This semester I’ve been working with Name in the creation of a web-based remote experience for the class The Body Everywhere and Here. We have been working on the top of a WebRTC-Simple-Peer-Example by Lisa Jamhoury to develop the idea of an installation that allows remote users to communicate. The code allows for two usersContinue reading “the live web collective sonic heart”

live web – the meme chat room

Find the code of the project on my github. This prototype was made in collaboration with Esther. We were intended to create a speculative chat room imagining a future where people would have the true ability to develop a conversation only using memes. The main technical challenge for the code was turning the original exampleContinue reading “live web – the meme chat room”

live web – self-portrait

This week I created a prototype for a web based interactive self-portrait. The web page shows a video-performance that I made in 2014 autoplaying muted. The video can be paused or played through the “Breath/Dance” button on the bottom left of the page. I also added some text describing things that I love and asContinue reading “live web – self-portrait”

live web – The BeeMe Experiment

BeeMee is a web-based live performance made as a social experiment by the MIT Media Lab on Halloween night in 2018. The experiment let a real actor to be controlled by an online audience in real-time, deciding the future of a story showed at different locations at the MIT campus. The event followed a dystopianContinue reading “live web – The BeeMe Experiment”

animation blueprints for performative avatars

For this week’s assignment, I improved my last week’s avatar’s animation following Matt’s tutorials about Blendspace 1D, Animation Blueprints and State Machines in Unreal Engine 4. After completing it, the character that I downloaded from Mixamo has specific ways of idling standing up, walking, running, jumping and falling. It’s interesting to observe how each detailContinue reading “animation blueprints for performative avatars”

the collective heart permeable body

Find the code here. This week me and Name worked on the top of Lisa’s example for the class The Body Everywhere and here to create a Web-RTC sketch on P5.js with Posenet and Ml5. The example is a continuation of our last week’s assignment. The code allows for two users in different locations toContinue reading “the collective heart permeable body”

Performative avatars – skeleton animations

This week I learned from Matt’s tutorials how to download characters and animations from Mixamo to use it in Unreal Engine. So far I haven’t had any considerable technical challenges to complete the assignment. However, when trying to discover how to add an animation to the walking style of the character by myself, I wasn’tContinue reading “Performative avatars – skeleton animations”

The collective heart mouse interaction

Try the sketch here and access the code here. For this sketch, I worked together with Name on the top of Lisa’s Web RTC example. We were tasked to create a two-player sketch using the mouse over webRTC peer connection that encourages the users to be co-present in some way. How does the collective heartContinue reading “The collective heart mouse interaction”

Performative Avatars – Self Portraits

This week we were tasked to create two self-portraits using different avatar creation apps. I see self-portraits a way of revisiting my identity and projections that I have over it, at the same time as an opportunity to rethink it and recreate it. Avakin Life Self-portrait Avakin Life is a 3D virtual world for mobileContinue reading “Performative Avatars – Self Portraits”