The collective heart mouse interaction

Try the sketch here and access the code here. For this sketch, I worked together with Name on the top of Lisa’s Web RTC example. We were tasked to create a two-player sketch using the mouse over webRTC peer connection that encourages the users to be co-present in some way. How does the collective heartContinue reading “The collective heart mouse interaction”

Performative Avatars – Self Portraits

This week we were tasked to create two self-portraits using different avatar creation apps. I see self-portraits a way of revisiting my identity and projections that I have over it, at the same time as an opportunity to rethink it and recreate it. Avakin Life Self-portrait Avakin Life is a 3D virtual world for mobileContinue reading “Performative Avatars – Self Portraits”

The web Firebird

The web Firebird is a live performance experiment on coding, choreography, and augmented reality designed to be shared through the cyberspace. Find its code here. This project was created during Spring 2020 at ITP NYU as part of the classes Nature of Code (Daniel Shiffman), Choreographic Interventions (Mimi Yin), and Experiments in Augmented Reality (IreneContinue reading “The web Firebird”

Nature of Code – Neural Networks

hypothetical machine learning system against deforestation As an exercise of designing a fictional machine learning system, I’d like to address the problem of deforestation in protected areas worldwide. My idea is to create an AI system connected to real-time satellite images that can monitor the areas and whenever one of them is under attack, anContinue reading “Nature of Code – Neural Networks”

Nature of Code – Simulation Project

The Web Fire Bird The Story of the Fire Bird The Fire Bird is a mythology that I started creating during my first semester at ITP, firstly, as a a physical computing project. Now I’m creating a net-art version of the narrative. The story of the Fire Bird is divided in three base movements: 1Continue reading “Nature of Code – Simulation Project”

Nature of Code – Particles Systems

The web Fire Bird For this assignment, I’ve started creating a web version for the Fire Bird mythology, that I’ve been working on since last semester. I want to find an interesting and compelling way of telling the story in the web-browser using text, visual effects, and simple interactivity. I’m creating this as an experimentalContinue reading “Nature of Code – Particles Systems”

Experiments in AR – Case Study

4th Wall AR App 4th wall is defined as “a free, augmented reality (AR) public art platform exploring resistance and inclusive creative expression”. It was created by the mixed media artist Nancy Baker Cahill in partnership with app developer Drive Studio. Nancy Baker takes her dimensional drawings on paper, and then finish them on VRContinue reading “Experiments in AR – Case Study”

Electronic Rituals, Oracles_Meditation #1

Tempo Temple For this meditation, I am activating a perspective where I see dancing and drawing as a way of thinking and as a way of producing and embodying knowledge. Tempo temple is the first prototype for a video-performance where I try to draw a temple inside a temple which is inside another temple whichContinue reading “Electronic Rituals, Oracles_Meditation #1”

Soft Robotics – Cable Experiments, Morph, Materials research

Cable Experiments References Here is a list of interesting references that I found during my research this week with examples of projects in the field of soft robotics. Science Robots Magazine: A vision for future bioinspired and biohybrid robots; Soft opportunities in a Toy Store For my soft materials research, I went to FAO SchwarzContinue reading “Soft Robotics – Cable Experiments, Morph, Materials research”