Previous experiments with pcomp

Instrument for planting invisible seeds

In 2018 I created an interactive object called Instrument for planting invisible seeds. It is akind of Theremin DIY, adapted for a nomadic object, which I created the design and 3D-printed. The invisible seeds are abstract machines populated by the forces we see with closed eyes and whose configuration vary according to the context where they are planted.

This experiment still in process and and I feel I still need to design the body that activates the object while performing it, and somehow connect the work to concepts related to diversity and new forms of agriculture, such as agro-forestry, in opposition to monoculture. 

In order to build it, I used an Arduino Nano, an Adafruit Neopixel led-ring set with a rainbow effect, an Ultrasonic Sensor HC-SR04 and a 3D-printed structure which I designed using Tinkercad. I can’t code by myself, so I found this tutorial to create it and made few changes to set the code and include the led code to it.

Glove part of the series of devices to touch the invisible

In 2017, during a workshop called Introducing Electronic for artists, I started this first try with a wearable, using the Theremino code. I consider this project a simplified prototype for future ideas.

To begin…

I’d like to share part of the application that I submitted to come to ITP. I might pass through a lot of transformations during these two years, so it might be a good idea to remember sometimes what my first intentions and wishes were, who I was and what I did before I came here.

Find here the portfolio and here my personal statement requested as part of the application process.

1 min Introductory video part of the application